It's not easy to pin down what exactly has made this album such a radical step up from the first. 

Doing a huge tour behind the first record and rehearsing relentlessly ever since, workshopping these tunes for months on end, until they were the absolute best they could be, coming up with the most heart-poundingly, NOS injected arrangements we could possibly conceive...that counted for something. 

Recording at the world renowned Livingston Studios - that was pretty cool. Working with MOBO/Grammy and Mercury nominated producer Sonny Johns. That probably helped too. 

With this video, we wanted to document our journey as a band so far and the process and thinking behind the creation of our piéce de résistance, our finest work to date, New Life. It was a labour of love.

The album ignites on Ubuntu Music 19/10/2018. Find out all about it here.