'Taking Off' - Jazzwise

"Their signature sound draws from prog and math metal as well as jazz, combining lyrical themes and passages of hazy head-in-the clouds with algorithmic grooves full of stops and catches..." Thomas Rees

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'Start Me Up' - Guitarist Magazine

"Pioneering take on contemporary fusion." David Mead


The Guardian - Album Review

"...silkily curling phrasing and rugged rhythms changes..." John Fordham


M Magazine Online Interview

"Prog rock, pop and metal are among the musical colours sitting alongside more trad jazz styles enhancing the sonic palette of Flying Machines."

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Jazzwise - Live Album Launch Review

"...prog-ish grooves that spooled out of the speakers like data streams down fibre optic cables." Thomas Rees

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Jazzwise - Album Review

"...drawing on the epic pop-jazz lyricism of Pat Metheny through to the more avant rock of Wayne Krantz..." Selwyn Harris


All About Jazz - Album Review

"...a very superior outing by a talented group, sporting seductive and original compositions throughout. Undoubtedly Flying Machines is heading for great heights." Roger Farbey


The Jazz Mann - Album Review

" that honours the past, from jazz to prog-rock, but retains a very contemporary edge." Ian Mann


AP Reviews - Album Review

"...a jazz-rock experience founded on imaginative, soaring electric guitar expression..." Adrian Pallant